Seth Romano

Voice • Guitar • Drums • Keys • Performance

Seth Romano is an experienced voice, drums, guitar, and piano instructor – with voice being his specialty. He’s been performing music professionally since childhood and is currently the lead vocalist in a band called The Trip, one of America’s most in-demand rock cover bands.

Seth’s musical background includes studying voice and music production at Berklee College of Music, the world’s most highly respected contemporary music college. Since his time at Berklee, Seth has kept busy as a professional stage and studio singer. He has collaborated with several famous musicians including Mike Starr (Alice In Chains), Bucket Colwell (Bad Company), and Michael Klooster (Smash Mouth). You can also hear his voice featured on many recent radio and TV commercial jingles. Everyone agrees that Seth has a voice that you could only dream of having. The second he jumps on a mic you’ll swear you’re in the presence of iconic rock singers like Robert Plant, Steve Perry, and Chris Cornell.

Seth has been teaching music for over ten years and during that time some of his clients have been featured on the Disney channel, MTV, NBC, Fox, Nickelodeon, and major motion pictures.

What makes him a great teacher, more than anything, is that he is patient with students and understand that regardless of their age and skill level, students need careful and thorough guidance as they learn and advance on their instrument. Seth loves getting to know people, especially kids. Music is exciting and joyful, why should learning to play an instrument be anything less?