Jericho Law

Piano • Bass • Voice • Guitar • Drums • Live Performance • Songwriting • Mandolin • Ukulele

At the age of 19 Jericho began learning music a from his neighbor in exchange for making him sandwiches. Today, Jericho is a master musician who sings, writes, and arranges for multiple bands. In 2013 Jericho received his bachelor’s degree in jazz & commercial piano from Cal State Fullerton, where he studied with Grammy winning composer/arranger/pianist Bill Cunliffe. Jericho has been teaching at a variety of music schools since 2006 and has been teaching at Rockstars Of Tomorrow since 2011 when Michael Anderson took over the Lesson House where he had been teaching. Jericho’s teaching philosophy is “improve yourself daily”, which means that no matter how old or young you are, you have the ability to make yourself better. It’s what he instills in all his students, because there’s nothing more rewarding than being really good at what you love. Jericho invites you to come and discover the gift of music with him.