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2017 AllStars

The Rockstars Of Tomorrow 2017 AllStar auditions have arrived!

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Summer Songwriting Camp

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BandCore Performance Class

The JamCore performance program puts you in your very own rock band and trains you to perform your favorite songs live on stage at a real rock music venue. Ramp up your learning time and become the best musician possible.

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Summer Jam Camp

Rock your heart out learning to play your favorite songs in a week long intensive jam session. Practice, rehearse, perform, meet new friends and join the ranks of Rockstardom!

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Rockstar Adventure Camp

Join us on an epic five day adventure as we traverse the islands of rock music to prepare to take the stage with our fellow campers for an epic jam session to show off everything they’ve learned.


Resurrection Theater

Resurrection Theater is finally here!

Musical theater comes to Rockstars Of Tomorrow in this very exciting and interactive theater group. Take the stage with other actors, vocalists, and musicians bringing scenes from famous musicals to life. Spend the next 4 months perfecting your work and end the session with a sold out night in our theater performing for your friends, family, and the community. Guaranteed to be a massive amount of fun!

Work on stage in our theater.
• Sing, Act, Move.
• Reenact famous scenes from musicals.
• End your session with a live musical performance!
• Make new friends and have fun.
• Monthly class / 4 month session.
• 1.5 hours every Wednesday. (4:30pm to 6:00pm)
• Only $125 per month.
• All ages welcome.

Must love to sing, act, and be ready to have lots of fun! Register now or stop by to find out more about this super fun group.


A-Cappella Voice Team! Join Us Tonight.

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Rockstars Holiday Merch Specials

Holiday Merch Specials

Rockstars Of Tomorrow’s 2016 Holiday Merch Specials have begun! From now until January new customers can get a brand new acoustic guitar plus $50 off 3 months of lessons when you pay in advance. All customers can collect brand new Rockstars Of Tomorrow beanies and hats that have just arrived and are on sale now. Just in time to keep your head warm this winter season.

  • Acoustic Guitar + 3 Months of Lessons
    $400 ($50 savings)
  • Hats
  • Beanies